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The current release introduces the BETA version of Linux Mint 22, codenamed “Wilma.”

Linux Mint 22, a long-term support release slated for support until 2029, boasts updated software, refinements, and a host of new features to enhance the overall user experience.

Explore the Fresh Enhancements:

The latest iteration of Linux Mint features a multitude of enhancements and refinements.

To discover more about the new features, check out:

“What’s new in Linux Mint 22“.

Critical Insights:

Peruse the release notes for crucial details on known issues, along with explanations, workarounds, and solutions.

To delve into the release notes, head over to:

“Release Notes for Linux Mint 22”

Hardware Requisites:

  • 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended for optimal performance).
  • 20GB of storage space (100GB recommended).
  • 1024×768 display resolution (on lower resolutions, use ALT to move windows with the mouse if they extend beyond the screen).

Upgrade Guidelines:

  • Exercise caution with this BETA edition as it may harbor critical bugs; thus, utilize it solely for testing purposes to assist the Linux Mint team in rectifying issues before the official release.
  • Upgrade directives will be shared post the stable release of Linux Mint 22.
  • Transitioning from this BETA to the stable version will be feasible.
  • Moreover, an upgrade from Linux Mint 21.3 will also be supported.

Reporting Bugs:

  • Report any bugs encountered in this version on Github at
  • For each bug, create a separate issue.
  • As outlined in the Linux Mint Troubleshooting Guide, refrain from reporting mere observations as bugs.
  • Ensure precision and include all relevant information that could aid in replicating or comprehending the root cause of a bug:
    • Bugs that can be replicated or whose cause is understood are typically easily remedied.
    • Specify whether a bug is consistent or sporadic and elaborate on the triggers.
    • If a bug arises unexpectedly or doesn’t manifest in other distributions or environments, pinpoint these distinctions for clarity.
    • If we cannot replicate a specific bug or decipher its cause, rectification becomes challenging.
  • The BETA stage entails an intensive bug-fixing endeavor where the team is diligently working to resolve issues promptly.
  • With a considerable influx of reports and limited response time, acknowledgment of every report or rationale for non-action may be challenging; nonetheless, your assistance is greatly valued, whether acknowledged or not.

Get the Downloads:

Cinnamon Edition:

Xfce Edition:

MATE Edition:

Verify Integrity and Authenticity:

Upon downloading an image, perform integrity and authenticity checks without fail.

As fake ISO images can circulate, it rests on your shoulders to ensure you acquire the official versions.

Enjoy the Experience!

We eagerly anticipate your feedback and extend our gratitude for participating in the BETA testing phase!

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🤞 Don’t miss these tips!

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