Machenike’s latest KT84 mechanical keyboard achieved its crowdfunding target in a mere 14 minutes.

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Within a mere 14 minutes, the Machenike KT84, a compact mechanical keyboard boasting 84 keys and a range of innovative features, successfully reached its funding target on Kickstarter. This remarkable accomplishment is especially notable for a smaller keyboard brand. Subsequently, the project surpassed its funding objective by an impressive 470%.

One of the standout features of the KT84 is its distinctive dual-screen layout. At the top, it showcases a 490-dot pixel matrix, accompanied by a 1.47-inch TFT LCD display situated in the upper-right corner. The customizable pixel matrix can exhibit static images or dynamic animations, while the smaller screen offers an array of functions such as presenting system temperatures, a clock, RGB customization options, and more.

The keyboard also integrates a volume roller/button on the side and a convenient toggle switch in the top-right corner, facilitating swift access to tab and window controls. Offered in black or white color schemes, the KT84 presents a choice between a sleek black frame and a transparent casing, paired with clear keycaps and the option of Gateron North Pole 2.0 Yellow or White switches. These switches are renowned for their quiet, linear performance and variable actuation forces. Furthermore, users have the flexibility to swap out the switches due to the keyboard’s hot-swappable nature.

Available for pre-order on Kickstarter, starting at $199 for the Super Early Bird tier, the price of the KT84 will escalate as the campaign progresses, culminating in a final retail price of $249. For an additional $20, customers can include a palm rest with their order. It is important to acknowledge that although Machenike boasts a strong history of successful Kickstarter ventures and possesses a decade of expertise in manufacturing PCs, laptops, monitors, and peripherals, supporting a crowdfunded initiative inherently carries certain risks.

Follow the link below for additional details on the innovative KT84 mechanical keyboard from Machenike.

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