Mario & Luigi’s Brotherhood Unveiled in Latest Preview; Available in November

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Mario & Luigi Comradeship, a fresh addition in the sequence, is on its way to Nintendo Switch in a couple of months.

The initial new addition in the sequence in nine years, centering on a novel seafaring journey where Mario and Luigi will need to cooperate in the field and in battle as is customary in the sequence, is scheduled to be available on Nintendo Switch globally on November 7th as verified by the reveal trailer of the game displayed during the current Nintendo Direct event.

The connection between siblings has never been more robust! Embark on a voyage to various islands with the Mario Bros. in Mario & Luigi: Comradeship!


In recent months, RPG enthusiasts who cherish Mario have been well-served. Following the introduction of the Super Mario RPG Renewal last year, Nintendo recently launched the Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door remake on Nintendo Switch, enhancing the game’s graphics while maintaining the essence that made the initial version so exceptional. More insights can be found in Nathan’s evaluation.

Despite retaining the quirky appeal that transformed the original game into a fan favorite, the new Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door doesn’t address its filler content and other gameplay idiosyncrasies. If you’re an ardent Thousand-Year Door aficionado, fret not, you’ll adore this sleek new iteration. For newcomers or those who weren’t entirely captivated initially, there’s still plenty to relish here, though you might notice a few rough edges.

Mario & Luigi Comradeship will be released on the Nintendo Switch globally on November 7th, 2024.

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