Massive Surge in Player Numbers for Bloodborne before Elden Ring DLC

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As the much-anticipated Elden Ring DLC was on the horizon, enthusiasts flocked back to a classic FromSoftware title. While eagerly anticipating getting immersed in the Shadow of the Erdtree, players revisited Bloodborne.

With a substantial cult following, Bloodborne resurged in popularity a decade after its release. Despite the ongoing desire for a PC version, gamers with access to a PlayStation 4 or 5 dove back into the game while awaiting the DLC arrival.

A recent report from TrueTrophies unveiled a staggering 57% surge in Bloodborne’s player count, with an additional 11% increase upon the DLC’s official launch. This resurgence propelled Bloodborne back into the limelight, securing its spot as the 65th most-played PlayStation game for that week.

During the Elden Ring DLC anticipation period, Dark Souls III also witnessed a boost in popularity. However, the uptick in players dedicating time to Dark Souls III paled in comparison, standing at a mere 5.6%.

It is intriguing to note that even after ten years, Bloodborne maintains a strong following, with gamers either replaying it multiple times or discovering it for the first time. Fans have long clamored for a 60 FPS update or a PC adaptation, yet Sony seems to favor focusing on other PlayStation titles like Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us.

The unanswered question of whether Sony will ever relinquish Bloodborne rights back to FromSoftware leaves fans hopeful for the eventual announcement of a PC version. FromSoftware seems amenable, but the decision rests solely with Sony.

Given Elden Ring’s status as one of the most highly-anticipated game releases lately, coupled with the immense DLC hype, it presents an ideal opportunity for Sony to make a groundbreaking revelation and generate more fervor within the community, ultimately making Bloodborne more accessible.

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