Meta is closing down Workplace, its unsuccessful Slack alternative that never gained traction.

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Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has recently made the decision to discontinue Workplace, its enterprise communication platform that was created to rival popular services like Slack but failed to gain significant traction.

Originally launched as Facebook @ Work before being rebranded as Workplace, the platform was intended to streamline communication and collaboration within organizations. Despite attracting some major clients such as Spotify, Starbucks, and Walmart, Workplace struggled to keep up with more established competitors like Microsoft Teams.

Meta has now confirmed that Workplace will be phased out gradually over the next two years, with existing customers given until May 2026 to transition to alternative solutions. The decision to sunset Workplace aligns with Meta’s strategic shift towards investing in AI and metaverse technologies for reshaping the future of work.

As part of the closure process, Meta has designated Workvivo, a similar product offered by Zoom, as the sole preferred partner for assisting Workplace users with migration. Customers have a deadline of August 31, 2025 to continue using Workplace, after which only access to existing data for migration purposes will be supported until the final shutdown date on May 31, 2026.

Workplace’s Core Plan, priced at $4 per user per month with optional add-ons available for an extra $2 per user per month, will no longer charge subscription fees during the migration period. On the other hand, Workvivo, with customers like Amazon, Ryanair, and Virgin, does not publicly disclose its pricing structure.

The move to retire Workplace reflects Meta’s focus on advancing cutting-edge technologies and underscores the intensely competitive landscape of the enterprise communication and collaboration market, with established players continuing to dominate the space.

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