Meta’s Reality Labs is set to go through a process of ‘reorganization’.

Meta’s Reality Labs in the Process of ‘Reorganization’

Meta’s division for augmented reality, known as Reality Labs, has been operating at a loss for an extended period of time; however, up to this point, company leadership has been content to continue covering the expenses in order to grow the market for mixed reality devices. Yet, Meta is now reorganizing the department, dividing it into two separate groups each with its own specific goals. Consequently, some employees are now facing lay-offs.

Following Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus for $2 billion, the inception of Meta Reality Labs marked the beginning of Zuckerberg’s aspirations for the ‘metaverse’. The Reality Labs sector oversees the development of software such as Meta Horizons, in addition to hardware like the Quest headsets and Meta’s intelligent glasses. Going forward, Reality Labs will be bifurcated into two segments, one managing the Quest and ‘Metaverse’ ventures, and the other concentrating on alternative wearable technologies.

As per The Verge, personnel from Reality Labs were issued a notice this week confirming additional modifications. Meta’s Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Bosworth, disclosed that a “relatively small number” of employees from the division will be laid off. The objective behind this restructuring is to establish “integrated product experiences across hardware” with “reduced friction and division”.

The triumph of the Quest platform has Meta convinced that it has now assembled “all the key elements necessary” to consistently enhance the software platform. This development is anticipated to result in a greater number of top-tier Quest games and other innovative software updates.

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