Microsoft initiates reimbursements for purchasers of Redfall Hero Pass

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In a previous update, Microsoft revealed that the anticipated Redfall DLC, which had already been purchased by players and was set to introduce new playable heroes, would not be released as planned. The proposed ‘Hero Pass’ has been canceled, and Arkane Austin, the developer of the game, is also being closed down. Now, Microsoft has commenced the process of refunding players who had paid for the now-defunct DLC.

If you had bought the Redfall Bite Back Edition, the equivalent value of the Redfall Hero Pass should be credited to your account. In the US, this translates to a $26.99 reimbursement, while in the UK, it is approximately £20.

Several buyers have now verified that they have indeed received their refunds. If you log into your Xbox account, you should find a confirmation message from Xbox regarding the reimbursement.

This development comes a little over a month after Microsoft disclosed its intentions to close down several studios within the Zenimax group, which includes Arkane Austin (Redfall, Prey), Tango Gameworks (Ghostwire Tokyo, The Evil Within, Hi-Fi Rush), and Alpha Dog (Might Doom).

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Microsoft begins refunding Redfall Hero Pass buyers

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