Microsoft is currently providing refunds for Redfall’s ‘Bite Back’ Edition on both Xbox and Steam.

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Currently, Microsoft appears to be providing refunds for the ‘Bite Back’ version of Redfall on Xbox and Steam.

Arkane Austin’s Studio Director, Harvey Smith, bid farewell on X following the closure of Arkane Austin, reflecting on the ideal team size for game development.

Last month, there was surprise and discontent over Microsoft’s decision to shutter various in-house studios, including Tango Gameworks and some Bethesda Softworks branches, like Arkane Austin, the team behind Redfall.

Redfall had multiple editions available, such as the ‘Bite Back’ edition in both digital and physical forms, which promised access to two upcoming heroes. Unfortunately, Redfall didn’t have a smooth launch, and with Arkane Austin’s closure, the new heroes were left unrealized. Microsoft has now revealed that they are providing ‘corrective offers’ to those who purchased the ‘Bite Back’ edition. Reports from WindowsCentral suggest that digital owners are now eligible for refunds. Additionally, there are claims that Bethesda is processing refunds for the physical edition upon request through a support ticket system. According to WindowsCentral, refunds are being issued gradually, with some already receiving them, while others await processing. It’s advisable to check your Spam folder in your Steam or Xbox account for any refund notifications.

Redfall is currently accessible on Xbox Series X|S and PC. Our review from last year reflects on the vampire shooter:

“Redfall saw Arkane depart from its traditional style and struggle to find its stride. While the gameplay has its moments, reminiscent of Arkane’s past successes, the studio’s strengths do not align well with the open-world format, notably evident in the lackluster safe house missions. Furthermore, the narrative lacks consistency, failing to establish a connection with the characters, and the co-op mode feels lacking in substance.”

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