Microsoft provides feedback on delays to Black Myth Wukong on Xbox; remains silent on potential exclusivity agreements from competitors.

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Microsoft Offers Statement Regarding Postponement of Black Myth Wukong Release on Xbox; Stays Mum on Potential Exclusivity Pacts by Competing Companies.

Black Myth Wukong’s launch on Xbox Series X and Series S has been met with a delay, prompting an official response from Microsoft. While the PC and PS5 versions were set for release on August 24, the Xbox editions faced an indefinite postponement for optimization purposes. The official FAQ confirms, “PC and PS5 users can delve into the full game from August 20, 2024. We are actively refining the Xbox Series X|S version to meet our set quality benchmarks, hence the staggered release. We apologize for the inconvenience and endeavor to reduce the wait for Xbox players. Stay tuned for the official release date announcement once it meets our quality expectations.”

Speculations arose post-delay, hinting that potential optimization struggles could be attributed to the less powerful Xbox Series S. Although unconfirmed, a statement from Microsoft (via WindowsCentral) subtly alludes to the presence of exclusivity agreements. While not explicitly stated, keen observers could infer such arrangements. Microsoft’s official statement reads, “We’re looking forward to the Xbox Series X|S launch of Black Myth Wukong and collaborating with Game Science to bring the game to our platforms. We’re unable to divulge details about agreements undertaken by our partners with other platform providers, but our primary focus remains enhancing Xbox as the ultimate gaming platform, with exceptional games forming the core of our strategy.”

Game Science had earlier confirmed the game’s availability on Xbox Series, PS5, and PC, making exclusivity deals potentially problematic for the studio. Nonetheless, Microsoft has refrained from explicitly confirming any such agreements, leaving room for interpretation at this juncture.

Share your thoughts on this situation. Is Black Myth Wukong encountering difficulties on the Series S? Could Sony have negotiated a timed-exclusivity deal with Game Science? Time will reveal the reality, but your insights are valuable in the meantime.

Mark your calendars for August 24 when Black Myth: Wukong debuts on PlayStation 5 and PC. And don’t miss out on catching the trailer unveiled by Game Science last month.

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