Microsoft’s artificial intelligence Copilot will soon be available on your instant messaging platforms, beginning with Telegram.

Regardless of your feelings towards Microsoft’s Copilot artificial intelligence, it appears that its presence will soon be inevitable as reports suggest it has been quietly making its way into messaging platforms, specifically Telegram. Microsoft seems to have discreetly introduced Copilot on the messaging app, giving Telegram users the chance to interact with it firsthand. 

As per Windows Latest, this move is a part of a new Microsoft project called ‘copilot-for-social’, aimed at bringing generative AI to social media apps. The Copilot bot is currently operational on Telegram in the US and UK (potentially in other regions as well). It can be accessed for free, though it necessitates your phone number for activation.

(Image credit: Future)

To locate the bot, simply search ‘@CopilotOfficialBot’ in Telegram’s search bar, initiating a new message thread where Copilot will introduce its capabilities. Note that there is a daily limit of 30 queries, but since no separate account is needed, and it’s entirely free, the setup is quite convenient. 

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