Migrate to RHEL with the latest Convert2RHEL 2.0 technology.

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Upgrade to Red Hat Enterprise Linux using the latest Convert2RHEL 2.0 innovation.

Convert2RHEL presents a solution that facilitates the process of transforming CentOS Linux, Alma Linux, Rocky Linux, or Oracle Enterprise Linux setups into their corresponding Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) versions. By utilizing the Convert2RHEL script along with a few associated tools, transitioning from an outdated distribution to a fully endorsed RHEL edition can be swift and secure, simply by executing a script.

As of June 2024, both CentOS Linux 7 and RHEL 7 have reached their End of Life (EOL), with RHEL 8 stopping at its final minor release, 8.10. To aid you in your migration journey, we have introduce the 2.0.0 iteration of the Convert2RHEL tool, implementing the following enhancements:

  • Migrations from EL (Enterprise Linux) 8.10 to RHEL 8.10 are now supported
  • Transitions to RHEL7 Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS) are now supported
  • Numerous deprecated command-line options have been eliminated, such as --disable-submgr, -v|--variant, -f|--password-from-file, and --keep-rhsm. If you are using Convert2RHEL version 1.7.1 or an earlier variant, kindly refer to the release notes and amend your scripts and tools accordingly

Simplified enrollment

An essential modification involves how the registration process is handled in Red Hat Satellite.

Previously, when configuring a system that is subscribed to a Satellite service for conversion, certain manual steps were required to enable the Convert2RHEL tool to register the system in Satellite during the conversion process.

This feature has now been eliminated, and instead, users are prompted to register the system in Satellite prior to commencing the conversion.

Conversions post the EOL of RHEL 7

With the cessation of maintenance for RHEL 7, the necessity for migrating systems has increased. Many individuals are seeking to transition to RHEL 7 ELS to afford more time for system migration. Alternatively, some may be considering upgrading to newer versions like RHEL 8 or 9. Convert2RHEL supports transitions to RHEL 7 systems without an ELS subscription, but this pathway should only be viewed as an intermediate step towards advancing to RHEL 8 or 9.

The primary objective is to facilitate a seamless conversion process for both you and your organization. Test out Convert2RHEL 2.0 to experience firsthand how effortless the migration can be!

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🤞 Don’t miss these tips!

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