Miracle-WM 0.3 Introduces Animation and Border Personalization Options

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Miracle-WM 0.3 Unveils Customization and Animation Features

After a hiatus of two and a half months since the previous version 0.2, the latest iteration of Miracle-WM, version 0.3, has been introduced by the Miracle-WM developers. In case you’re not acquainted with it yet, here’s an overview.

Being a fresh Wayland compositor that has its roots in Ubuntu’s Mir display server, Miracle-WM draws inspiration from well-known tiling compositors such as i3 and Sway, with the aspiration to outdo them in both visual appeal and utility.

Key Highlights of Miracle-WM 0.3

The update brings forth significant upgrades, most notably in the realm of animations and window management operations. Users now have the benefit of experiencing seamless transitions, including support for actions like opening, moving, resizing windows, and navigating through workspaces.

Another eye-catching addition is the introduction of window borders, with the active window standing out in a distinctive color, thereby amplifying both the usability and the aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, there has been an expansion in the support for i3 IPC commands, enhancing the compositor’s flexibility in executing window management tasks like focusing, moving, running commands, and adjusting windows within the workspace.

Addressing bug fixes, Miracle-WM 0.3 has resolved issues related to XWayland window interactions and has enhanced the handling of full-screen windows within the tiling grid.

It’s worth noting that the project is currently in the midst of intensive development and is yet to reach a stable release. Therefore, it is advised not to use it as your primary interface as certain issues might be encountered.

If you are eager to witness the new features in action, a video is available on YouTube. To give it a try, you can easily install it via Snap using the following command:

sudo snap install miracle-wm --classicLanguage: Bash (bash)

Subsequently, custom configurations can be made in the “~/.config/miracle-wm.yaml” file, where you can explore various available options.

Miracle-WM 0.3 Wayland Compositor

For a detailed overview of all the updates in the latest Miracle-WM 0.3 release, it is recommended to refer to the official release changelog.

Source: Linuxiac

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