Monitor Audio Resurrects Traditional Studio Series Ambiance with Fresh Speaker

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Monitor Audio has revealed a cutting-edge bookshelf speaker that channels the essence of the once-favored Studio Series launched back in 1989.

The fresh Studio 89 speaker, set to be priced at $2,499 for a pair upon its release at the conclusion of July, showcases Monitor’s distinct “point source” MTM (Mid-Tweeter-Mid) driver setup, positioning the most recent iteration of its MPD (Micro-Pleated Diaphragm) tweeter amidst two 4.25-inch woofers.

Each woofer cone encompasses a honeycomb layer of Nomex fiber between an external covering of ceramic-coated aluminum magnesium and an inner layer of woven carbon fiber – a multi-layer architecture characterized by the company as extremely lightweight and exceptionally sturdy.

The tweeter, now in its third edition, has been enhanced to diminish distortion and flatten frequency response for a “broader, clearer, and more consistently realistic sound,” as per Monitor, while the woofers are acclaimed to possess the least distortion among any speaker in the brand’s past.

The shift between the tweeter and woofers is managed by a meticulously fine-tuned third-order crossover created with polypropylene and polyester capacitors and low-loss air-core inductors that underwent numerous hours of listening trials to confirm an ideal balance.

The entirety is enclosed in a sturdy cabinet showcasing a 0.7-inch baffle and 0.6-inch side walls with interior bracing and “through bolts” extending from the rear of each woofer to the cabinet’s rear wall for added reinforcement. An advanced HiVe II slotted port integrated into the base of each speaker strives to lower air turbulence and noise in contrast to more traditional port setups.

Pivotal specifications include a rated impedance of 6 ohms, a lower frequency limit of 53 Hz (in-room, -6 dB), and a maximum SPL rating of 113 dB.

The Studio 89 features a deluxe high-gloss black finish that perfectly matches the woofers’ gold hue. Optional corresponding stands crafted from extruded aluminum and highlighting a die-cast aluminum base with adaptable rubber or spiked feet are accessible for $749 a pair. More details can be found at

Source: Monitor Audio Revives Classic Studio Series Vibe with New Speaker

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