MSI MAG QD-OLED displays will receive software upgrades in due course.

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The firmware update support for MSI’s MAG QD-OLED displays is set to be rolled out in the coming days, addressing recent concerns over the lack of upgrades compared to the MPG series monitors. Following feedback from consumers, MSI has now confirmed that firmware updates will soon be accessible for the MAG 271QPX and MAG 321UPX screens.

To be eligible for the upcoming firmware updates, the MAG series monitors must already be on specific firmware versions (FW.012 or newer for the 271QPX and FW.015 for the 321UPX) that support this functionality. In European markets, it is anticipated that all stock already meets these requirements, while early shipments in other regions may need to be verified with MSI support for potential firmware updates.

MSI has projected that the initial firmware updates for the MAG series will be ready by mid-July. Users will be able to access the firmware update files and the necessary tool directly from MSI’s support platforms. Using a DisplayPort-to-DisplayPort connection without adapters is recommended for a seamless firmware flashing process, with detailed instructions expected to accompany the firmware files.

While detailed specifics about the upcoming firmware updates remain undisclosed, it is likely that the update will align with the enhancements seen on the MPG series displays. Users can anticipate a smooth update process taking approximately 10 minutes once available.

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