My Encounter at the openSUSE Conference 2024

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My Experience at the openSUSE Convention 2024

Attending the openSUSE Convention 2024 in Nuremberg, June 27-29, was once again an incredibly rewarding experience. From the moment I arrived, I was immersed in an atmosphere of enthusiasm. This year’s convention was not just about technology and software, it was about reconnecting with old friends and making new ones, all while sharing our collective passion for open source.

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Favorite Presentations of Mine

The convention showcased a variety of enlightening presentations from notable figures in the openSUSE community. Here’s a brief summary of some of the standout sessions for my liking:

The XZ Backdoor – Report from Our Side, Retrospection, and Looking Forward by Marcus Meissner

Marcus Meissner delivered a comprehensive report on the XZ backdoor, reflecting on past occurrences and discussing future security measures. His insights underscored the significance of vigilance and proactive measures in upholding system integrity.

Collaboration in a Unified Space with Nextcloud by Jos Poortvliet

Jos Poortvliet’s presentation on Nextcloud highlighted its abilities in enabling seamless collaboration. He demonstrated how Nextcloud integrates various tools to boost productivity and teamwork, making it a crucial platform for remote and hybrid work environments. Eagerly anticipating more insights at Nextcloud Convention 2024.

What is openSUSE? And How Does It Help SUSE and Its Partners? by Simon Lees

Simon Lees provided a detailed overview of openSUSE, elucidating its role and advantages for SUSE and its partners. His presentation emphasized the strategic importance of openSUSE in the wider SUSE ecosystem.

The Future of Agama and openSUSE by Josef Reidinger and Ancor González Sosa

Josef Reidinger and Ancor González Sosa deliberated on the future trajectories for Agama and openSUSE. Their session looked ahead, concentrating on forthcoming features and enhancements that will propel the project’s development and adoption.

We’re All Grown Up: openSUSE is Not SUSE by Richard Brown and Robert Sirchia

Richard Brown and Robert Sirchia recommended a rebranding of the openSUSE distributions and the project itself. Their discussion highlighted the maturity and distinct identity of openSUSE, distinct from SUSE, underscoring its unique community and contributions. That dialogue sparked considerable discussion within the community.

Linux at Volkswagen by Jan-Michael Brummer

Jan-Michael Brummer’s presentation on Linux at Volkswagen was particularly captivating. He outlined how Volkswagen utilizes Linux for various applications, showcasing the versatility and robustness of Linux in the automotive industry.

Sweetening Diverse Linux Deployments in the Cloud with KIWI by Neal Gompa and David Duncan

Neal Gompa and David Duncan talked about KIWI’s role in streamlining diverse Linux deployments in the cloud. Their session offered practical insights and solutions (SUSE documentation) for efficiently managing varied environments.

Regulation and Ethical Code Are Essential for a Community by Gertjan Lettink

Gertjan Lettink’s discussion on the significance of regulation and an ethical code was a crucial reminder of the foundational principles that sustain a healthful and inclusive community. His emphasis on respect and constructive interaction resonated deeply with participants.

Obstacles in Creating Slowroll by Bernhard M. Wiedemann

Bernhard M. Wiedemann outlined the challenges encountered in developing Slowroll, a new initiative within the openSUSE project. His frank discussion of the obstacles and solutions offered valuable lessons for developers and contributors.

If We Construct It, Will They Arrive: Contribution Beyond Encoding by Robert Sirchia

One of my preferred sessions was Robert Sirchia’s presentation on contribution beyond encoding. He highlighted the various ways individuals can contribute to open source projects, emphasizing the value of diverse skills and perspectives in fostering a vibrant community.

Community and Commemoration

The BBQ/Release Party was fantastic, providing a perfect mix of relaxation and celebration. It presented an excellent occasion for participants to unwind, relish good food, and commemorate the accomplishments of the openSUSE community. The informal ambiance nurtured deeper connections and meaningful conversations, wrapping up the convention on a positive note.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the openSUSE Convention 2024 was an exceptional experience that reaffirmed the strength and vibrancy of the openSUSE community. The presentations were informative and motivational, the social functions were delightful, and the sense of shared objective was palpable. I’m already excited about next year’s convention!


I would like to express my sincere thanks to openSUSE for sponsoring my journey to attend this year’s openSUSE Convention. Their assistance enabled me to engage with the community, gain valuable insights, and contribute to the ongoing dialogues.

Presentation videos

The videos of the presentations can be found here:


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