NBA 2K25 has achieved equality in features between PC and the latest consoles.

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NBA 2K25 Ensures Equality in Features Across PC and Latest Consoles

For the past four years, 2K Games has maintained separate versions of NBA 2K games, with an ‘old gen’ variant available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, alongside a ‘next gen’ version exclusively released for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. PC enthusiasts have expressed discontent over this divide since the arrival of NBA 2K21, yet with each passing year, the issue remained unaddressed. Thankfully, this scenario is now evolving.

The version of NBA 2K25 on PC mirrors that found on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. This signifies that PC users will now have access to ‘The City’ for the first time, an innovative MMO-style locale where players can congregate, engage in side quests, and participate in games on the Rec, Pro-AM, or Park courts. The sole exclusion for PC gamers is the absence of crossplay multiplayer, limiting the ability to compete against console players.

NBA 2K24 presently holds an overwhelmingly negative rating on Steam. While these games typically attract negative feedback annually due to 2K’s monetization strategies and expensive in-game currency, NBA 2K24 has notably garnered criticism primarily due to the contrast between the next-gen console editions and the PC release. Considering that numerous gaming PCs match or surpass the capabilities of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, withholding the ‘next-gen’ iteration from PC appeared illogical to the broader gaming community.

The latest cover athletes for NBA 2K25 have been revealed. This year, Jason Tatum, a recently crowned NBA champion, graces the cover, with the reverse side featuring A’Ja Wilson, a two-time MVP recipient from the WNBA. Notably, the Hall of Fame edition for this year will substitute Kobe Bryant with Vince Carter, who retired a few seasons back following a remarkable 22-year career in the NBA, highlighted by a memorable dunk contest performance.

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