NetEase discusses the versatile roles of heroes in Marvel Rivals instead of being strictly categorized as hard tank, DPS, or support characters in a Q&A session.

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NetEase recently delved into the intricate dynamics of character roles in Marvel Rivals, moving away from conventional classifications like hard tank, DPS, or support, during a special Q&A session. This progressive approach sheds light on the versatile nature of heroes within the game.

Initial plans for Marvel Rivals were set in motion five years ago following a collaboration between Marvel and NetEase, resulting in the creation of a competitive third-person shooter game with a structure akin to Overwatch. The upcoming Closed Beta test, scheduled from July 23 to August, is highly anticipated and boasts an array of exciting content including a wide selection of characters, maps, and game modes.

During a revealing interview at Summer Game Fest 2024, Executive Producer Danny Koo and Game Director Thad Sasser shared insights into their design philosophy when assigning roles to each character within Marvel Rivals, highlighting the significance of authenticity in character representation above all.

The concept of hybrid player roles in the game was emphasized, with NetEase aiming to break away from traditional gaming archetypes by introducing new role classifications like Vanguard, Duelists, and Strategists. These roles focus more on gameplay styles rather than rigid class definitions, providing players with a fresh and flexible approach to team dynamics and combat strategies.

NetEase’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility within Marvel Rivals was highlighted, showcasing their dedication to creating a vibrant and welcoming environment for all players. From visual contrast in character design to potential accessibility options catering to a diverse player base, the team showcased a thoughtful approach to ensuring an enjoyable and inclusive gaming experience.

As Marvel Rivals gears up for its Closed Beta phase, set to be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox, NetEase remains responsive to community feedback and open to evolving the game based on player interactions and preferences. The game’s potential for growth and expansion post-launch is evident, with plans to introduce new characters, maps, and modes based on player demand and performance.

With a strong emphasis on community engagement and a commitment to excellence, Marvel Rivals is poised to carve its path in the gaming world, offering a unique and dynamic gameplay experience for Marvel fans and gaming enthusiasts alike.

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