NethSecurity 8.1 Open Source Linux Firewall Launched

After just a little over a month since the previous significant 8.0 release, NethProtection, a derivative rebuild of OpenWrt and the successor to the NethServer 7 security suite, has officially introduced the global launch of version 8.1.

For those not yet familiar with this initiative, it stands as an open-source Linux firewall solution crafted to streamline network security implementation. Through a seamless setup procedure and an intuitive web-based interface, NethProtection furnishes robust defense for your network with minimal effort.

Main Features of NethProtection 8.1

Among the notable inclusions in NethProtection 8.1 is the Connectivity Supervisor, which now presents a dashboard for monitoring live network connections. Another significant upgrade is the enhanced Administrative User Control, now conveniently accessible directly from the user interface, facilitating the management of admin users.

NethProtection 8.1 Connectivity Supervisor

Users will also encounter improvements in Multi-Internet functionality, including a persistent option for enhanced connection endurance. Enhancements in LDAP remote database authentication offer extended flexibility for Active Directories and other LDAP setups.

Furthermore, updated DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) signatures are now at the disposal of both community and enterprise users, with a new subscription authentication proxy enabling access to subscription repository channels following system_key verification.

NethProtection 8.1 also tackles various bugs to boost system stability. Issues like NVME storage utilization, DHCP server reliability post-migration, and multiple Multi-Internet policy display glitches have been rectified. These corrections and other enhancements aim to deliver a smoother and more dependable user experience.

Upcoming updates are set to build upon this foundation, with intentions to introduce features such as Firewall Entities and enhanced Reporting. The progression roadmap will adapt according to user feedback, underscoring the significance of your insights and recommendations.

Interested individuals can obtain NethProtection 8.1 via the project’s official site, where the release announcement elaborates on all modifications made.

Existing users have two update options to migrate to the latest release while ensuring uninterrupted service. They can either opt for the package update method, which modifies individual packages without altering the version displayed on the dashboard, or choose a full image update, updating the entire system image and showcasing the new version number.

Image credits: NethProtection Project

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