New bugs in Final Fantasy VII are still being uncovered, nearly three decades after its debut.

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Recent Final Fantasy VII bugs are still being unearthed more than 27 years following the game’s debut on the original PlayStation.

(Minor spoilers ahead for those unfamiliar with Final Fantasy VII who wish to avoid any plot hints.)

A novel glitch, featured in a recent video posted by 4-8 Productions on YouTube, enables players to keep Aerith in their party post the events at the Forgotten Capital. What sets this glitch apart is the intricate process needed to trigger it, essentially requiring players to “confuse” the game’s timeline, leaving it unsure about story progression. The correction takes place at the Icicle Inn location, the group’s first stop after leaving the Forgotten Capital, allowing Aerith to remain a party member.

The occurrences at the Forgotten Capital signal the conclusion of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the second installment in the remake trio released earlier this year on PlayStation 5. Expanding on mechanics introduced in the Remake, Rebirth significantly broadens them, moving away from the predominantly linear storytelling of its forerunner to deliver one of the finest JRPGs in recent memory. For further details on the game, refer to Kai’s review.

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