New Elden Ring update unveils a fresh glitch on the Steam Deck causing unresponsive controls.

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In case you were thinking of delving into Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree today using your Steam Deck, you might want to postpone it for a few days. From Software has verified that the recent update has triggered a glitch on Steam Deck, causing controls to become unresponsive.

Elden Ring is a game where any delay or controller issues are strongly undesirable, given that gameplay hinges on precisely timed attacks and evasive maneuvers. Should you be playing this game on Steam Deck, you could face some annoyances following the most recent software patch. However, From Software is actively working on resolving this problem.

Addressing the issue, From Software released the following statement: “Please be advised that an issue related to Steam Deck has been identified, and a solution is currently in progress. If your Steam Deck remains inactive for over 5 minutes, the game may stop responding to inputs. We regret any inconvenience caused. The timing for implementing the fix will be communicated separately.”

Within the discussion, some users are also facing trouble launching the game in online mode, but it has been reported that verifying the game files on Steam can potentially resolve this issue.

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