New gameplay footage released for the upcoming Splinter Cell RTX Remix Mod.

An innovative gameplay showcase for the impending Splinter Cell RTX Overhaul modification has been revealed, highlighting the utilization of path tracing technology.

As fans eagerly anticipate the official Splinter Cell Remake from Ubisoft, a dedicated modder known as ‘skurtyyskirts’ has been diligently working on an NVIDIA RTX remix mod featuring advanced path tracing effects for the original Splinter Cell title. In a recent development update, the modder shared an impressive new gameplay video, although some minor culling issues are still being addressed during active development. Below, you can watch the latest work-in-progress gameplay footage:

Originally launched for the original Xbox back in 2002 with aspirations to rival Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell dazzled players with its groundbreaking lighting effects. In the current landscape, Ubisoft is gearing up for a complete overhaul of the game, led by the experienced Lead Game Designer from Far Cry 6. The remake promises an updated narrative tailored for contemporary gamers, as confirmed by Ubisoft.

The highly-anticipated Splinter Cell Remake is expected to hit PC and console platforms, although an official release date remains undisclosed.

For a glimpse into the original Splinter Cell’s essence from its debut press release, here’s a brief excerpt:

You embody the role of Sam Fisher, a solitary shadow operative navigating a world where every moment counts in the battle against unfolding terrorist schemes. Operating deep within hostile territories, entrusted with perilous missions, you represent your government’s final line of defense. In the event of capture or elimination, all traces of your involvement will be vehemently disavowed. You are the epitome of a Splinter Cell.

Following the mysterious disappearance of two CIA agents in the former Soviet realm of Georgia, the clandestine NSA division, Third Echelon, dispatches Sam Fisher – their most skilled splinter cell operative – to locate and extract them. Fisher swiftly uncovers a complex web of intrigue: a malevolent scheme poised to destabilize global order and instigate catastrophic nuclear warfare.

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