New KDE Gear 24.05 Applications Compilation Released, Here Are the Latest Features

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KDE Gear, an extensive bundle of software created by the KDE project, has rolled out its most recent version, Gear 24.05, a variety of utilities ranging from file browsers to video editing tools, seamlessly integrated into the Plasma desktop environment.

Key Features of KDE Gear 24.05

This latest release arrives just three months following the previous major update 24.02. It brings substantial enhancements to existing applications and introduces new ones to its lineup, ensuring users have access to a more robust software package.

Dolphin, KDE’s file browser, is a standout among the updates. It now showcases enhanced visuals that make navigating files and directories more user-friendly, offering visual cues when executing actions like dragging and dropping.

These improvements are accompanied by more detailed file information displays, including timestamps and file origins, particularly within the recently accessed and deleted items folders.

Kdenlive, KDE’s video editing tool, has also received notable upgrades. The inclusion of Group Effects enables users to apply effects to multiple clips concurrently, streamlining the editing workflow. Moreover, an offline AI-driven tool now aids in translating subtitles, broadening the accessibility and audience reach of users’ videos.

Itinerary, the travel planning application, has enriched its capabilities to provide in-depth information about travel facilities like WiFi and air conditioning, crucial for itinerary planning. Additionally, Itinerary now supports Transitous, a community-led public transport route planning service that is free and prioritizes user privacy.

Among the new applications, Francis stands out for promoting efficiency through the Pomodoro technique, encouraging users to take regular breaks to sustain concentration and productivity. Kalm, another newcomer, offers guided breathing exercises to assist users in reducing stress levels.

NeoChat and Tokodon have both introduced features that enhance user engagement; NeoChat now includes functionality for scanning PDFs for travel-related information, while Tokodon has enhanced social media interaction on the Mastodon platform by enabling separate windows for new posts.

Lastly, Elisa, a KDE music player, now enables users to switch between list and grid views, enhancing the music listening experience. Additional applications such as Ark file compressor and Akregator RSS reader have also been updated, improving file organization and RSS feed consumption, respectively.

The majority of KDE Gear 24.05’s applications will soon be accessible on Flathub and Snap Store. Additionally, users of rolling release distributions can anticipate the availability of the application suite in their respective distribution repositories in the forthcoming days and weeks.

For more details on all the latest additions, refer to the release announcement.

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