New York Times puzzle clues today – suggestions, solutions, and anagrams for Saturday, May 25th (game number 83)

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The Strands puzzle in today’s edition of The NYT is a prime illustration of why I adore this word challenge. I will not divulge any specifics about it here, but please continue reading for my thoughts – along with some advice should you require assistance.

WARNING: Details regarding today’s Strands puzzle are provided below, so if you wish to avoid the solutions, proceed with caution.

Your Strands specialist

Your Strands specialist

Marc McLaren

Today’s theme on NYT Strands (game #83) – hint #1

What does today’s NYT Strands theme entail?

The theme for today’s NYT Strands is… Appealing to the ears!

Today’s Clue Words on NYT Strands (game #83) – hint #2

Which clue words are recommended for today?

Utilize any of the following words to access the in-game hint system.







Today’s Spangram Clue on NYT Strands (game #83) – hint #3

What is a tip for today’s spangram?

Taste your vocabulary

Today’s Spangram Position Clue on NYT Strands (game #83) – hint #4

Which sides of the board does today’s spangram intersect?

Initial: upper, 4th column

Final: lower, 4th column

🤞 Don’t miss these tips!

🤞 Don’t miss these tips!

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