Nintendo acknowledges the potential and risks of generative AI and strives to maintain delivering distinct value.

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Nintendo Embraces the Future: Navigating the World of Generative AI

At the 84th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, Nintendo’s President and Representative Director, Shuntaro Furukawa, discussed the company’s strategic direction. Amidst the inquiries, one shareholder raised the topic of generative AI, to which Furukawa-san acknowledged both its promise and the associated risks.

Furukawa highlighted the longstanding relationship between AI technologies and game development within the industry. While recognizing the innovative potential of generative AI, he also underscored the importance of addressing concerns related to intellectual property rights. Nintendo’s core focus remains on delivering unparalleled gaming experiences that blend technological advancements with their unique creative touch.

While Nintendo remains open to leveraging new technologies, their commitment to preserving the distinct identity and value associated with their brand suggests a continued emphasis on game design-centric development over a purely tech-centric approach. This approach has proven immensely successful with past console generations such as the Wii and Switch.

In response to previous supply chain challenges, Furukawa assured shareholders of a proactive strategy to prevent future shortages of the next console. Nintendo aims to avoid a situation akin to the scarcity that plagued the early days of the Switch, leading to rampant scalping and inflated resale prices.

Recent announcements have hinted at the forthcoming release of the Switch 2, expected to be unveiled in the Fall of this year with a scheduled launch in March 2025. The new console is rumored to feature significant hardware upgrades, including an NVIDIA Tegra 239 SoC with Ampere GPU architecture, a potent combination of Cortex A78 Arm CPU cores, and enhanced memory capabilities. Gaming enthusiasts can anticipate improved performance and compatibility, with potential support for advanced technologies like NVIDIA DLSS.

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