Nintendo intends to thwart resellers of the Switch 2 by producing ample units to satisfy the market’s needs.

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Reports indicate that Nintendo is proactively working to deter profiteers from targeting its forthcoming next-generation console. In discussions with stakeholders, the president of the company conveyed confidence in their ability to sidestep the supply shortages experienced during the Switch’s tenure, thereby making it more challenging for scalpers to exploit the situation.

As per VGC, Nintendo’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa, provided reassurance to investors that the chip scarcity that hindered the original Switch’s availability will not impact its successor. In fact, Nintendo is strategizing to secure as much chip manufacturing capacity as feasible to produce an ample quantity of “Switch 2” consoles to satisfy consumer demand, thus thwarting scalpers from capitalizing on scarcity.

Furukawa also indicated that the company will explore potential additional measures, “taking into consideration the circumstances in each locality.” While Nintendo’s dedication to addressing the supply constraints is reassuring, the industry should remain vigilant, as scalpers might still try to take advantage of the launch of the Switch’s successor.

Although an official announcement regarding the new console is pending, speculations suggest a potential early 2025 release. Furthermore, Nintendo’s non-appearance at Gamescom has sparked rumors that the company might be planning a distinct unveiling towards the conclusion of the year.

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