Nintendo persists in pursuing legal action against Switch pirates with fresh lawsuits.

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Nintendo remains steadfast in its battle against Switch counterfeiting, having lodged two new lawsuits against individuals accused of promoting and benefiting from altered consoles and stolen games. Interestingly, one of these legal actions is directed at one of the moderators associated with the popular r/SwitchPirates subreddit. 

The initial lawsuit focuses on James Williams, the primary moderator of r/SwitchPirates, a subreddit devoted to Switch manipulation and piracy. According to Nintendo, Williams runs “multiple counterfeit storefronts” that provide “extensive collections of pirated Nintendo Switch games” for download, in addition to offering technical assistance and guidance. Nintendo alleges that Williams’ activities contravene the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and violate Nintendo’s intellectual property rights.

The second lawsuit names Ryan Daly, a member of a DIY group selling altered Switch hardware online. Although Daly had previously agreed to a stop and desist directive from Nintendo earlier this year, he failed to comply. Nintendo accuses Daly of vending modification chips, mail-in modification services, and tampered consoles that permit users to play stolen games right out of the packaging. Nintendo is pursuing compensation, injunctive relief, and the disposal of all infringing products from both defendants.

These litigations represent the latest in a string of legal steps taken by Nintendo against Switch counterfeiting in recent times. In 2022, Nintendo effectively closed down Team Xecutor, a notorious counterfeiting faction that marketed hacking devices for the Switch. More recently, Nintendo also reached an agreement with the creators of Yuzu, a widespread Switch emulator that was extensively used to play leaked copies of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom prior to its official launch. The Yuzu team has subsequently disbanded and ceased operations.

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