NUMA makes its debut on Raspberry Pi 5

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Enhanced Efficiency, Increased Speed

If you’re a Raspberry Pi 5 user, get ready for some exciting enhancements coming your way. The latest Pi model is set to receive not just one, but two significant updates. One of the key improvements is the introduction of basic NUMA support, which is expected to elevate the Geekbench performance and potentially boost the speed of everyday applications. While NUMA architecture is commonly associated with servers, where it divides extensive RAM pools into smaller chunks dedicated to specific CPU cores for optimal performance, its integration into the compact ARM system of Raspberry Pi 5 may seem unconventional. However, the addition of these virtual NUMA cores has proven to be surprisingly beneficial in enhancing overall efficiency.

Furthermore, older Pi models such as the Pi 1, 2, and 3 are receiving an update as well, with the introduction of support for ‘suspend to idle,’ also known as S0 state. Achieving effective power management through this sleep state has posed challenges, as enabling ARM firmware and Linux to enter a deep sleep mode and successfully resume operations has been relatively complex compared to AMD or Intel hardware. Nevertheless, the implementation of this feature is expected to significantly reduce power consumption during idle periods on these earlier Pi models, offering a valuable improvement for systems already known for their energy efficiency.

Regrettably, the Pi 4 has yet to receive these updates. However, according to The Register, there is reassurance that the development of patches for the new sleep state feature is underway for these systems.

NUMA Arrives On Raspberry Pi 5

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