NYT Puzzle solutions today – clues, solutions, and mixed up anagrams for Sunday, May 26 (game #84)

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The weekend concludes with another mind-twisting game from the New York Times. It’s quite a challenging one, as most of them tend to be, so continue reading for some clues to help you along.

SPOILER ALERT: Details about NYT Strands for today are listed below, so proceed with caution if you prefer not to know the solutions.

Your Strands specialist

Your Strands specialist

Marc McLaren

New York Times Strands today (puzzle #84) – clue #1 – topic for today

What’s the theme of today’s New York Times Strands?

The theme for today’s New York Times Strands is… Two-stage procedure

New York Times Strands today (puzzle #84) – clue #4 – spangram position

Which two board sides does today’s spangram intersect?

Initial: right, 4th row

Final: left, 7th row

New York Times Strands today (puzzle #84) – the responses

NYT Strands responses for puzzle 84 on a blue backdrop

(Image credit: New York Times)

The solutions for today’s Strands puzzle, #84, are…

  • HALT
  • STOP

  • My evaluation: Moderate
  • My result: Impeccable

This one was quite peculiar. The notion is fine – the theme hint, ‘Two-stage process’, aptly describes the concept of paired words like HALT and STOP. However, the choice of ACTION VERBS as the spangram appears slightly perplexing. While yes, they are action verbs, that’s not the standout characteristic here. Many action verbs exist, but the reason these were chosen is their pairing nature.

Admittedly, I deciphered it, but it involved a fair bit of trial and error. Each word pair was essentially resolved in a similar manner: discover one half through random word selection until one shines blue, then swiftly locate its partner. Not my favorite Strands challenge, honestly.

How well did you fare today? Share via email and update me.

The previous day’s New York Times Strands solutions (Saturday 25 May, puzzle #83)

  • ERA
  • BET
  • ELK
  • SEEP
  • COLD
  • MEET

What exactly is New York Times Strands?

Strands is the latest word game from NYT, following Wordle and Connections. It is currently in Beta and can be accessed on the NYT Games platform on desktop or mobile.

I have a complete guide on how to engage with NYT Strands, along with strategies for solving it, so refer to that if you’re finding it tough to conquer daily.

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