openSUSE Introduces Agama 9 Installer with Improved User Interface

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A recent announcement at the openSUSE Conference 2024 revealed the launch of the Agama Installer v9. For those who may not be familiar with this, Agama is a cutting-edge installation tool that is currently in development and is expected to be integrated into future openSUSE ALP releases. The predecessor, Agama 8, brought in a new HTTP API and upgraded the user interface for managing storage devices, resulting in a robust and user-friendly experience.

What’s Fresh in openSUSE Agama 9 Installer

The Agama 9 release showcases a fresh, modern web user interface that features a classic design approach with a sidebar for enhanced navigation. An interface overhaul was deemed necessary due to the previous version not adequately supporting the expanding set of features.

In particular, significant enhancements were made to the networking section, emphasizing improved connectivity and streamlined configuration processes.

One of the standout features of Agama 9 is its compatibility with AutoYaST, a tool widely used by openSUSE users for automating system deployments. In this update, Agama 9 can now partially import AutoYaST profiles, converting them into a readable format. This compatibility extends to crucial deployment elements like partitioning and networking.

Furthermore, the installer now offers more detailed hardware insights during the setup phase and supports advanced customization through the command-line interface. This includes a new functionality that enables users to make and apply configurations directly from their preferred text editor.

Adding to the enhancements, the new Agama Live ISO improves security by replacing the default ‘linux’ root password with customizable or randomly generated passwords. Additionally, the ISO now allows for the installation of user-defined packages, simplifying updates and modifications directly within the live system.

For further information on openSUSE’s latest Agama v9 installer, please refer to the official announcement.

If you’re eager to witness these updates in action, testing images of the Agama Live ISO have been made available by the project. These images can be booted on virtual machines or bare-metal systems, enabling users to explore the new interface and functionalities firsthand.

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