Oracle Ditches Terraform for OpenTofu as Preferred Platform

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Last year saw significant changes in the landscape of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Terraform, the top tool for constructing, altering, and remodeling cloud and on-premises resources. Let’s delve into the recent developments in this domain.

The narrative unfolded back in August when HashiCorp modified the licensing of its key product, Terraform, consequently shifting it away from the category of open-source software. This move sparked an immediate response from the FOSS community, leading to the emergence of the OpenTofu initiative within The Linux Foundation.

OpenTofu provides a complimentary, open-source, and completely compatible alternative to Terraform. The initiative swiftly gained momentum, now offering a stable 1.7 release that fulfills all IaC requirements. Notably, HashiCorp was recently acquired by IBM for $6.4 billion, a development that seemingly clarifies the company’s preceding actions.

The announcement came from Terri Noyes, Oracle’s Director of Product Management, revealing that the latest iteration of their Enterprise Business Suite (EBS) Cloud Manager, a tool crafted to oversee Oracle EBS setups on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), has transitioned from Terraform to OpenTofu.

“Moreover, we have migrated from utilizing the Terraform infrastructure as code tool to OpenTofu. This change does not affect Cloud Manager’s functionality. We strongly urge you to adopt this new release of Cloud Manager at your earliest convenience.”

Terri Noyes, Director of Product Management at Oracle

This is a significant move. When a tech titan like Oracle shifts allegiance in this manner, it signifies a resounding endorsement of the software’s caliber. It also underscores the rapid growth and acceptance of OpenTofu within the upper echelons of the tech industry in just nine months. It’s truly impressive!

Nevertheless, due to a simple rationale, OpenTofu is unlikely to outpace Terraform as the preeminent IaC tool anytime soon. Terraform’s enduring dominance is reinforced by a sizable user base nurtured during its tenure as free and open-source software, a trajectory that continues to work in its favor.

Despite this, indications point towards OpenTofu becoming the favored choice in the future owing to its open-source essence, which circumvents licensing complications for those seeking a dependable IaC solution. In any case, we applaud Oracle’s choice and foresee a promising future for the OpenTofu venture.

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