Overwatch franchise hits 100 million player milestone.

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While opinions towards the game have varied over time, it is undeniable that Overwatch has left a significant mark on the gaming industry, whether positive or negative. Looking ahead to the 11th Season of Overwatch 2, the development team has announced a new milestone for the franchise.

Highlighted in the teaser for Overwatch 2’s upcoming 11th Season, set to be launched on the 20th of June, Blizzard discreetly revealed that the total number of players in the franchise has now exceeded 100 million.

Launched in 2016, Overwatch 1 managed to attract over 60 million players during its lifespan. Notably, the original game required a purchase, unlike its successor which is free-to-play. The player count for Overwatch 1 likely includes individuals who participated during promotional free weekends and similar events.

The exact implications of this milestone of 100 million players remain uncertain, including the possibility of some players engaging with both titles.

Nevertheless, reaching 100 million players across two games represents a remarkable accomplishment, especially considering that Overwatch is not accessible on mobile platforms, unlike many other popular titles.

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