Palo Alto Networks is set to acquire the cloud security software assets of IBM QRadar.

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In a significant move, Palo Alto Networks is set to acquire the cloud security software assets of IBM QRadar. This acquisition is part of a broader partnership that will not only provide Palo Alto with access to more consultants but also expand its customer base significantly.

The joint press release by both companies confirmed that Palo Alto Networks will be acquiring IBM’s QRadar cloud software for an undisclosed sum. As part of the deal, existing customers will be migrated to Palo Alto’s security platform, Cortex Xsiam. Moreover, IBM has committed to training over 1,000 of its consulting employees on Palo Alto’s products, solidifying the partnership between the two tech giants.

The consolidation trend in the security software industry has been on the rise as companies prepare to combat advanced cyber threats, including those leveraging artificial intelligence. This strategic move by Palo Alto Networks follows Cisco’s recent $28 billion acquisition of Splunk, the leading provider of security information and event management (SIEM) software.

Nikesh Arora, the CEO of Palo Alto Networks, emphasized the importance of staying competitive in the evolving cybersecurity landscape. He acknowledged the intense activity in cybersecurity consolidation and highlighted the need for companies to adapt and strengthen their offerings to meet the growing demand for robust security solutions.

IBM’s decision to offer Palo Alto’s Cortex Xsiam software through its consulting group signals a shift in its security strategy. By integrating Palo Alto’s products like Prisma Sase 3.0 and incorporating IBM’s Watsonx large language models into Cortex Xsiam, the collaboration aims to deliver enhanced security solutions to customers.

Palo Alto’s Cortex Xsiam, introduced just two years ago, has gained rapid adoption and demonstrated strong market traction, with over $90 million in bookings in the latest quarter. The company’s revenue growth outpaces that of IBM, reflecting the growing demand for its innovative security offerings.

As the transaction progresses towards closing by the end of September, pending regulatory approvals, the cybersecurity industry eagerly anticipates the impact of this partnership on the evolving landscape of cloud security solutions. Stay tuned as Palo Alto Networks and IBM navigate these strategic changes in the cybersecurity sector.

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