Palworld climbs in Steam Charts after significant new update

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Following a substantial recent update, Palworld has surged in popularity on the charts this week, particularly due to the addition of a complete fresh island waiting for adventurers to uncover.

The latest Palworld patch introduces the novel island of Sakurajima to the game, marking the most extensive update in its Early Access journey. Sakurajima provides a pristine setting for players to immerse themselves in, capturing Pals and constructing within its boundaries. As a result of this update, the number of simultaneous players has once again escalated, reaching a peak of over 128,000 concurrent players, after dwindling throughout April, May, and June.

Throughout the preceding quarter, the game maintained an average of about 30,000 peak concurrent players, hence the new patch has enticed many to revisit Palworld. Nonetheless, the game remains a fair distance from its peak of 2.1 million simultaneous players during its launch week, predominantly fueled by a viral marketing push that intrigued players with glimpses of Pokémon-esque creatures brandishing firearms.

Palworld has never sunk to unsustainable player counts, and given its ongoing early access status, there is still a wealth of improvements awaiting implementation. In the pipeline, Pocket Pair’s team aims to introduce a new arena combat mode for enthusiasts, with more significant patches slated for release beyond 2025. Eventually, the game might also make its way to the PS5, concluding an era of exclusivity on Xbox consoles.

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