Palworld may not launch on Nintendo Switch due to technical constraints, but discussions are still ongoing for other editions of the game.

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Palworld is not expected to launch on the Nintendo Switch, although the rationale is not related to the resemblances with the Pokemon series, based on recent statements from the principal developer of the game.

During a recent interview with Game File, Takuro Mizobe was questioned about the possibility of the popular survival game being available on different platforms. Mizobe-san mentioned that the development team is still deliberating the potential release of the game on alternate platforms, but the chances of a Nintendo Switch release seem slim due to technical constraints. It is somewhat foreseeable, considering that the minimum system requirements for the PC version surpass the specifications of the Switch.

In the same interview, the lead creator of Palworld also gave an update on the alleged probe initiated by The Pokemon Company earlier this year regarding the aforementioned similarities in certain creature designs. According to Takuro Mizobe, there has been no significant progress as there has been no legal correspondence between The Pokemon Company and Pocketpair.

Since its initial release in Early Access back in January, Palworld has undergone numerous updates featuring new elements and content, with the most substantial update yet on the horizon. The Sakurajima Update includes the introduction of a new island, the titular Sakurajima, new companions, the new Arena, an augmented level cap, new structures, and more. The update is scheduled to be available on PC and Xbox Series X and S later this week, on June 27th.

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