Palworld’s community manager hints at a potential release of the game for the PS5.

Bucky, the worldwide community representative for Pocketpair, has hinted at the possibility of Palworld being introduced on the PS5. Expectations have been increasing for Palworld’s debut on Sony’s console, especially after Pocketpair previously indicated the game’s expansion to other gaming systems, subtly alluding to a potential PS5 edition.

Over the weekend, Bucky teased the potential release of Palworld on the PS5 through a mysterious tweet. “I’m considering adding more hearts, but uncertain about the appropriate color…” Bucky posted, including blue hearts, strongly implying the signature blue associated with PlayStation. Fans responded to the tweet, inquiring whether the blue heart signified Palworld’s arrival on PlayStation, however, no official confirmation was provided.

Currently, Palworld is accessible in early access on Xbox One, Series X|S, and PC, with an anticipated rollout for MacOS in 2024. Given its availability on Xbox One, there is a possibility of a future release on PS4 as well.

Palworld remains in early access at the moment, and a definitive release date for version 1.0 has not yet been disclosed.

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