Participate in the FreeIPA HSM Evaluation Week.

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The IDM/IPA crew is currently examining the latest HSM support and capabilities. Consequently, the Identity Management and QA teams have arranged trial days from Tuesday, July 09, 2024, to Thursday, July 11, 2024. The wiki page indicated in this piece includes connections to the trial images necessary for your involvement. Kindly peruse further for specifics.

How does a trial week function?

A trial week is an occasion where anyone can aid in ensuring modifications in Fedora Linux operate effectively in an imminent release. Members of the Fedora community frequently engage, and the general public is invited to these functions. If you have not previously contributed, this is an excellent approach to commence.

To contribute, you merely need to have the capacity to perform these activities:

  • Acquire trial materials, which encompass some substantial files
  • Comprehend and adhere to instructions sequentially

The wiki page for the kernel trial week contains a plethora of valuable information on what to test and the methodology. After conducting some trials, you can record your outcomes in the trial week web tool. If you are free on or near the event dates, kindly engage in some trials and document your findings. We have a dossier that supplies all the imperative steps.

Enjoy the testing process, and we anticipate your presence during one of the trial days.

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