Potential hint at Palworld PS5 edition by Pocketpair’s Community Manager

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The global community manager for Pocketpair, known as Bucky, may have dropped a hint about the upcoming release of Palworld on the PS5.

The game, often described as ‘Pokemon with Guns,’ made a significant impact upon its launch in early access on Xbox and PC in January of this year. At its peak, Palworld had over 2 million players simultaneously on Steam, surpassing player peaks of popular titles like Counter-Strike 2, Lost Ark, Dota 2, Cyberpunk 2077, and Elden Ring. While player numbers have gradually decreased since then, there are still over 24,000 players actively engaging with the game on Steam alone.

Microsoft reaped the benefits of the game’s initial success as Palworld quickly became one of the most popular titles on Game Pass. A few months ago, Pocketpair’s CEO mentioned the possibility of expanding the game to other platforms and even hinted at potential acquisition interest. Despite this, Palworld has remained exclusive to PC and Xbox. However, recent social media activity has stirred speculation about a potential expansion to other platforms.

In a post on X, Pocketpair’s Global Community Manager shared the name of the game along with a series of colored hearts, likely representing the current platforms Palworld is available on. Additionally, a “blue” heart was added with the statement “I want to add more hearts, but not sure what colour would fit…hmm…how about….”

Many interpret this as a subtle nod to the forthcoming release of Palworld on the PlayStation platform. A screenshot of the X post can be viewed above.

Based on this social media post and past statements from Pocketpair’s CEO, the likelihood of a Palworld release on the PS5 seems promising. Stay tuned for further updates regarding this potential PS5 version. How do you feel about Palworld making its way to the PS5? Do you believe expanding to other platforms is a wise decision? Share your thoughts below.

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