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Published by the OBS Team on the 5th of July, 2024.

Enhancements in SCM/CI Integration are underway, focusing on simplifying event source filtering and refining notifications regarding workflow run failures for users or groups with shared tokens.

Effortless filtering by event source

When encountering numerous workflow runs in Your Profile > Manage Your Tokens > Workflow Runs, sorting through them efficiently is key. We have restructured the filtering options, particularly by event source (PR/MR number or commit sha), to make the process more intuitive.

In addition to utilizing the text box on the left, a new feature allows users to directly filter by clicking on the event source link. This enhancement provides a seamless experience for users, granting them the flexibility to choose their preferred method of navigating to the event source in the SCM.

For effective SCM/CI Integration setup, workflow tokens in OBS must be generated. These tokens can be shared with other users or groups for collaborative workflow run supervision and token management. Previously, notifications about failed workflow runs were only received by the workflow token creator. Moving forward, all users and groups with whom the token is shared will also receive these notifications.

GitHub presents two primary types of personal access tokens:

  • advanced personal access tokens
  • standard personal access tokens

While both token types are compatible with OBS for SCM/CI Integration, our documentation previously lacked clarity on this distinction. Familiarize yourself with advanced personal access tokens, GitHub’s preferred option where applicable, to ensure a seamless integration.

Should you need to contact us, there are two available channels:

Kindly direct feedback through GitHub, as this platform facilitates efficient tracking and management of discussions.

[Source: OpenBuildService]

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