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Upon encountering a malfunction in my trusty Pentium 4 running IPFire, prompting an unforeseen hardware failure, I swiftly transitioned to a WatchGuard XTM 5 Series setup. As part of this endeavor, I stumbled upon a seemingly straightforward yet time-consuming challenge.

Following the setup of the OPNsense system, DHCP range establishment, and configuring CIDR notation to determine the number of accessible IP addresses within my network, a persisting issue emerged – local hostname resolution. Resolving this dilemma was imperative for me, as I prefer addressing machines by their hostnames rather than IP addresses to ease accessibility.

After a series of fruitless searches for a solution, I revisited an older pfSense article I authored, aiding me in pinpointing the necessary settings within Unbound DNS configuration.

Under the menu path Services > Unbound DNS > General, I opted for Register ISC DHCP4 Leases and Register DHCP Static Mappings. This decision catered to a plethora of DHCP devices along with several statically mapped IP reservations for a variety of network components, ranging from servers and computers to smart home devices like lights, fans, and thermostats.

Effectively implementing these changes yielded flawless results. The ability to seamlessly connect to devices such as Optimus, Sideswipe, or Ironhide – named after beloved Transformers characters within my network – via their designated hostnames using any preferred protocol was immensely satisfying. A seemingly simplistic solution granted me access to a pivotal capability.

Concluding Remarks

Stay tuned for further insights on my OPNsense journey as I delve deeper into its functionalities and tailor it to meet my specific requirements. With each deployment, from pfSense to IPFire, I continue to enhance my networking expertise. Presently, OPNsense stands out as my firewall of choice, reflecting my immediate preferences without diminishing the merits of IPFire or pfSense, each commendable in their right.


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