Review of the NZXT C1500 Platinum Power Supply Unit

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Today, we explore a new high-quality power supply from NZXT, the C1500, which is rated to provide 1500W at Platinum efficiency. This fully detachable unit should be obtainable directly from NZXT and other online retailers this week at £299.99 in the UK and $349.99 in the US market. NZXT is firmly aiming at the premium segment with these supplies, so we will be intrigued to see how it contrasts with the leading products in the market.

The NZXT C1500 Platinum PSU presents exceptionally efficient, digitally-managed power, ATX 3.1 compliance, and PCIe 5.1 connectivity with a high-performance magnetic levitation fan.

  • Crafted with ATX 3.1 and PCIe 5.1 adherence to fuel current and forthcoming generations of high-end GPUs and CPUs.
  • Comprises two 16-pin 12V-2×6 PCIe 5.1 cables, each proficient in delivering over 600 Watts to power-demanding GPUs.
  • Digital power facilitates precise voltage regulation, resulting in greater efficiency and decreased ripple noise.
  • Surpassing 80 Plus Platinum standards and flaunting a Cybenetics Titanium efficiency grade, the 94% efficacy reduces power consumption and guarantees quieter, cooler operation.
  • Constructed using top-notch 105°C Japanese capacitors for exceptional dependability and long-standing performance.
  • Fully modular layout simplifies cable organization, permitting the connection of only indispensable cables.
  • Compact 180mm form factor optimizes valuable case space while enhancing improved airflow.

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