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Recently, SUSE rolled out Service Pack 6, marking the availability of LEAP 15.6.

Despite my desire to upgrade, my frequent travels made it challenging to find the time to do so. I had heard it was straightforward – just a few simple commands, etc…

So, was it as simple as they claimed? I would say it was a mix of “yes and no.”


Initially, I decided to utilize the zypper migration command that had been recommended. However, as I began the process, I encountered errors due to invalid repositories. To address this, I deleted any repositories that were inactive or invalid using sudo zypper rr <repository_name>. Afterward, I refreshed and updated the system.

Unfortunately, I discovered that the migration command is intended for SLES, not for my purposes. It seems I should uninstall the zypper migration plugin at a later point.

madness of removing repositories

Next, I embarked on a frenzy of deleting .repo files. I purged anything that appeared to be older than version 15.5, fully aware that some essential files might be casualties of my rampage.

sed comes to the rescue

Although not a sed expert, I have used it frequently. It’s a lightweight and swift yet reliable tool, even when tasked with the wrong instructions.

With my repositories cleaned up, a couple of sed commands were all it took:

sudo sed -i 's/15.5/${releasever}/g' /etc/zypp/repos.d/*.repo
sudo sed -i 's/SLE-15-SP5/SLE-15-SP6/g' /etc/zypp/repos.d/*.repo

In essence, using environment variables where feasible and resorting to the SLE SP6 repositories when necessary.

proceed with the update

Having tidied up my repositories, refreshed and updated everything, all that was left was instructing zypper to carry out the updates:

sudo zypper --releasever=15.6 refresh
sudo zypper --releasever=15.6 dup --download-in-advance

The initial refresh step was essential for loading the new repository data into the package database. Subsequently, I downloaded all the packages and executed the distribution update.

And the result? At this point, it worked like a charm – and pretty swiftly too. It was remarkably fast; managing to download and apply all the new packages before I could even step away for a brief walk. Following the reboot, everything functioned seamlessly!

That wraps up my LEAP update adventure. While I continue my travels for another month with just my LEAP laptop, my $65 Tumbleweed eagerly awaits my return at home 🙂

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