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One of the initial ways to contribute to an Open Source society is by reporting a flaw. Generally, apart from a single wireless problem on my Tumbleweed system that seemed to resolve itself, I haven’t encountered many defects.

But on my LEAP laptop, I was consistently annoyed by inadvertently pasting when I intended to click. The issue was that whenever I clicked the center portion at the base of my touchpad, it would activate the “paste by middle click” “feature” in GNOME.

I found it a bit surprising that there was limited customization available for the touchpad, although I attributed it to GNOME being its usual self. I attempted to deactivate “tap to click” as a temporary solution.

This adjustment didn’t seem to resolve the problem, so I opted to file a bug report:

Web form for my bug report, image indicates it is resolved

The bug report promptly got marked as RESOLVED because the individual investigating the matter directed me to gnome-tweaks, which actually had the type of customization I was seeking.

Gnome Tweaks

After providing some feedback on how I addressed the issue, I eventually closed the bug report.

Bottom of bug report page displaying conversation and comments

On the whole, I had an exceptionally favorable encounter reporting this matter. Although I’m uncertain if I truly assisted anyone or simply received community technical support, I can now boast my inaugural bug report!

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