Riot Games Scrapped Second Brawler Game in May

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Following its recognition for the MOBA League of Legends and auto-battler Teamfight Tactics, Riot Games delved into the realm of fighting games. The company’s upcoming game, 2XKO, previously known as Project L, is currently in Alpha testing. However, a second fighting game called Pool Party was axed in May.

Pool Party was intended to resemble Super Smash Bros, featuring close combat and platforming within the League of Legends universe. Reports from current and former Riot employees shed light on this game, revealing that a sizable team of 70-80 individuals was dedicated to the project.

While the game has been scrapped, at least half of the team members were offered reassignment opportunities to different roles within the studio. Unfortunately, ten individuals did not receive any offers and consequently either left the company voluntarily or were laid off.

Senior communications director at Riot Games, Joe Hixson, issued a statement to Mikhail Klimentov of, stating, “We always have various projects in different stages of research and development, and initiating and discontinuing projects occurs multiple times throughout the year.”

Although the specific reasons for abandoning the project were not disclosed, it is plausible that Riot Games perceived the market to be oversaturated. Despite Super Smash Bros. maintaining its dominance as the top-notch melee platform fighter, the emergence of Multiversus has recently added to the competition.

Earlier this year, Riot Games underwent a substantial layoff, affecting over 500 employees. This was reportedly attributed to budget constraints to sustain the numerous ongoing projects within the company.

Riot Games’ latest endeavor, 2XKO, a fighting game, is slated for a 2025 release. Interested individuals can currently sign up for Alpha testing to have a sneak peek of the game.

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