Rumored bootleg PC versions of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl appear to be in development.

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Rumor has it that the modding crew Team Radiant is allegedly crafting unofficial decompiled PC adaptations of Pokemon Dazzling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl.

In a recent development, the group unveiled what they termed the “most significant update” in the history of their Dazzling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl modification work. A clip was posted exhibiting the initiation of Pokemon Dazzling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl. The modders asserted that not only could the games be initiated, but the primary menu could also be accessed. The team shared on a platform, “Though it may appear unpolished currently, it will evolve over time to become the ultimate foundation for fan games/romhacks.”

In light of Nintendo’s history of clamping down on fan initiatives, emulation, ROM alterations, and so forth, the team plans to enforce legal safeguards to prevent the project from being shut down. Consequently, no game assets will be integrated into the project, and these unofficial PC adaptations will necessitate users to possess a legitimate copy of the Dazzling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl ROMs. As stipulated by the team, users are only allowed to employ created assets or those sourced from the game.

Notably, once finalized, these unauthorized native adaptations will deliver significantly improved efficiency compared to running the games through an emulator. “Moreover, it will operate 100% natively on any platform it is exported to. This equates to *significantly* enhanced performance in contrast to emulator usage. Moreover, the task of inserting assets will be remarkably more straightforward than it currently is with a romhack.”

Pokemon Dazzling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl made their debut in 2021 for the Nintendo Switch. These versions serve as revamps of 2006’s Pokemon Diamond and Pearl originally released for the Nintendo DS.

This undertaking is undeniably intriguing, and it is highly likely that Pokemon enthusiasts will be elated by this revelation. Earlier this year, we highlighted an unofficial recompiled PC edition of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

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