Ryzen 9000X3D: 3D V-Cache capacity remains the same

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The latest buzz surrounding the Ryzen 9000X3D processors shifts the spotlight onto their augmented on-die cache memory. However, there will be no uptick in cache volume.

Ryzen 9000X3D: maintaining a 64 MB 3D V-Cache!

If there were speculations about a potential enhancement in the 3D V-Cache capacity for the 9000X3D, AMD seems resolute in keeping it constant. Hence, the 64 MB 3D V-Cache stack for these crimson CPUs is here to stay.

The memory configuration for the new 9000X3D will echo that of the 7000X3D:

  • 9950X3D: 64 MB L3 64 MB 3D V-Cache
  • 9900X3D: 64 MB L3 64 MB 3D V-Cache
  • 9800X3D: 32 MB L3 64 MB 3D V-Cache

While this remains advantageous for gaming, a familiar hurdle might resurface akin to the 7900X3D and 7950X3D models. These CPUs are anticipated to contain two CCDs with only one 3D V-Cache stack, implying that one of the CCDs might derive full benefits.

However, in the absence of an L3 increment, complete overclocking backing is expected. Contrary to the scenario with the 5000X3D, where no overclocking was feasible, the 7000X3D introduced features like PBO and Curve Optimiser. The focus now shifts to complete overclocking support, hinting at an unlocked multiplier coefficient, comprehensive voltage management, and more. The extent to which the 3D V-Cache might impede frequency elevation remains ambiguous.

The launch is slated for September/October, coinciding with the expected availability of AMD’s new line of motherboards.

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