Sakaguchi, the mastermind behind Final Fantasy, is not interested in revisiting his past creations.

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The acclaimed game architect Hironobu Sakaguchi recently participated in a concise conversation with Bloomberg, where he touched upon the recent disclosure that Square Enix would be releasing Fantasian: Neo Dimension (initially launched on Apple Arcade in April 2021) for PC and gaming consoles.

For two decades, Sakaguchi was affiliated with Square Enix, crafting the company’s most profitable and beloved series: Final Fantasy. The visionary designer revealed that he intentionally maintained a certain distance from Square Enix initially:

I believed that if I remained too closely connected, it might impact Square Enix’s treatment of Final Fantasy.

After some time, however, the company extended an invitation to him to conduct a series of discussions and activities for the franchise’s 30th anniversary. Since 2021, following his involvement in an in-game Final Fantasy XIV event, Sakaguchi has also embraced the immersive experience of being an enthusiastic player of the immensely popular MMORPG, to the extent that he now perceives himself as ‘inhabiting’ the virtual realm of Eorzea.

Nonetheless, when inquired about the possibility of revisiting his previous projects, Sakaguchi displayed reluctance. This course of action was foreseeable concerning Final Fantasy (as Square Enix has since moved forward with younger directors, making it awkward to brush them aside in favor of the original creator’s return). Fans of the designer harbored hopes that he might consider continuing Lost Odyssey and/or Blue Dragon at some juncture.

Both RPGs were bankrolled by Microsoft as exclusives for the Xbox 360 and were introduced between 2006 and 2007. While they received positive critical acclaim, the sales figures fell short of Microsoft’s aspirations, resulting in no further sequels. With Sakaguchi definitively shunning the prospects of revisiting either game, the chances of Microsoft reviving those franchises without their progenitor appear increasingly bleak, leaving characters like Lost Odyssey’s Kaim and Blue Dragon’s Shu, Jiro, Kluke, Zola, and Marumaro consigned to the abyss of oblivion.

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