Samsung and French innovators Raymond and Simon Depardon introduce a unique outlook on the sports of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024 through a fresh artistic campaign in the host city.

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Samsung Partners with French Visionaries to Present Unique Artistic Campaign for Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024

Samsung, in collaboration with iconic French artists Raymond and Simon Depardon, has unveiled a groundbreaking art campaign titled “Olympic Games Instants Shared #withGalaxy” in Paris. This initiative showcases the synergy between Team Samsung Galaxy athletes and the picturesque backdrop of the City of Light, blending sports excellence with architectural beauty.

Artistic Expression in the Heart of Paris

The campaign, curated by renowned photographer Raymond Depardon and his talented son Simon, merges captivating imagery that encapsulates the essence of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Raymond’s historic photographic archives harmonize with Simon’s contemporary lens, creating a visual narrative that transcends time and tradition.

Featuring athletes like Sarah Bee, Aurelien Giraud, Mejdi Schalck, and Yvan Wouandji from Team Samsung Galaxy, the exhibition is currently on display at nine iconic locations in Paris until early September 2024. Spectacular landmarks such as Rue du Louvre, Pont de la Concorde, and Rue des Pyramides serve as backdrops for this artistic celebration of sport.

Capturing the Human Spirit Through Photography

Simon Depardon expressed his excitement for this collaborative venture, emphasizing the fusion of artistry and athleticism captured through the lens of the Galaxy S24. Each image not only showcases the athletes’ prowess but also delves into their personal stories, highlighting the human facets of their sporting endeavors.

Fans are encouraged to engage with the campaign by sharing messages of support for Team Samsung Galaxy via QR codes displayed alongside the images. These messages will be featured at Samsung’s designated Olympic rendezvous locations, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among supporters.

Embracing Innovation and Tradition

Stephanie Choi, EVP & Head of Marketing at Samsung Electronics, underscored the brand’s commitment to upholding the core values of the Olympic and Paralympic Games through innovative collaborations like the one with Raymond and Simon Depardon. This artistic endeavor serves as a testament to Samsung’s enduring support for the ideals that underpin these global sporting events.

The campaign encompasses a total of 10 images, comprising timeless works from Raymond Depardon and fresh perspectives from Simon Depardon. With installations at diverse locations such as Gare de L’Est, Quartier Saint-Germain, and Stade de France, the exhibition aims to engage audiences across Paris.

Looking Towards the Future

Samsung’s long-standing partnership with the Olympic and Paralympic Games symbolizes a legacy of innovation and inclusivity. The company’s cutting-edge technologies, including AI, VR, AR, and 5G-enabled devices, continue to redefine how athletes and fans experience these global spectacles, shaping the digital landscape for Paris 2024 and beyond.

For more information on this unique art campaign and Samsung’s ongoing involvement in the Olympic and Paralympic Games, visit here.

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