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On June 28th, the 2024 edition of the Sustainability Report by Samsung Electronics was unveiled, showcasing the company’s dedication to sustainable practices.

Samsung continues to highlight its sustainable management strategies, focusing on environmental impacts, social responsibility, and governance factors within the organization.

[Environmental Initiatives]

Samsung introduced a New Environmental Strategy in September 2022, aiming to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. The Device eXperience division has made significant progress, with 93.4% of renewable energy conversion achieved by the end of 2023.

Furthermore, the integration of recycled resin in plastic parts and the expansion of electronic waste recovery programs demonstrate Samsung’s commitment to resource circularity.

The Device Solutions division implemented new gas treatment facilities and enhanced waste heat recovery systems to reduce emissions, resulting in an 11.6% decrease in emissions in 2023 compared to the previous year.

Samsung’s water management system received Platinum certification from the Alliance for Water Stewardship, showcasing the company’s commitment to efficient and sustainable water usage across its facilities.

[Social and Governance Focus Areas]

Samsung emphasizes human rights, employee well-being, and a strong corporate culture. The establishment of the Global Grievance Resolution Policy in April 2024 ensures fair treatment of grievances in line with the company’s Human Rights Principles.

The company aims to increase female representation in leadership roles significantly by 2030, supporting diversity and inclusivity in the workforce.

Additionally, Samsung’s initiatives to support employees with disabilities, expand supply chain management practices, enhance information security, and promote product quality align with its commitment to ethical and responsible business conduct.

The company’s expansion of the Samsung Knox security platform and extended support for security updates reflect its proactive approach to data protection and customer safety.

Transparent disclosure of sustainability information through dedicated platforms and active engagement with stakeholders further underline Samsung’s commitment to accountability and dialogue.

The 2024 Sustainability Report by Samsung Electronics provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s sustainability initiatives, progress, and ongoing efforts to address key environmental and social challenges.

For more information, visit the Samsung Global News Hub.

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