Samsung Electronics Reports Successful Creation of Industry-Leading CXL Framework Accredited by Red Hat – Samsung Global Newsroom

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Successful Development of Cutting-Edge CXL Framework by Samsung Electronics Recognized by Red Hat

Samsung has the capability to directly validate server setup components, such as CXL goods and programs. This infrastructure will quicken the pace of product development and offer customized solutions to clients.

Samsung Electronics, a global leader in advanced memory technology, has announced the successful construction of a Compute Express Link™ (CXL™) framework certified by Red Hat. This marks the first time in the industry that such an achievement has been made.

The Samsung Memory Research Center (SMRC) in Hwaseong, South Korea, is now equipped to directly verify server configuration elements related to CXL products and software. Once Samsung certifies CXL products, they can promptly be submitted for registration with Red Hat, expediting product development processes.

In a notable milestone, Samsung has recently validated its CMM-D product, a first in the industry. This breakthrough allows Samsung to fine-tune products early in the development phase to cater to customer needs more effectively.

Red Hat Korea GM, Kyeong Sang Kim, expressed the significance of Samsung’s hardware optimization for Red Hat’s software in enabling next-generation memory solutions like CMM-D. This collaboration highlights the importance of open-source technology in advancing memory solutions and expanding the CXL ecosystem.

Noteworthy demonstrations of Samsung’s CMM-D embedded in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.3 at the Red Hat Summit in Denver showcased enhanced performance of Deep Learning Recommendation Models (DLRM) through innovative memory technology. This technology facilitates accelerated data processing, AI learning, and inferencing speeds without major investments.

Through a robust partnership, Samsung and Red Hat strive to offer customer-centric solutions for diverse systems, set new technology standards for partners and clients, and broaden the reach of the CXL memory ecosystem.

For full details, visit the Samsung Global Newsroom.

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