Samsung Electronics will offer comprehensive semiconductor solutions with the latest 2nm GAA technology and 2.5D packaging to Preferred Networks.

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Samsung Electronics, a prominent figure in advanced semiconductor technology, has revealed its plans to offer complete semiconductor solutions to Preferred Networks using the latest 2-nanometer (nm) foundry process and the advanced 2.5D packaging technology Interposer-Cube S (I-Cube S).

Collaboration for State-of-the-Art AI Accelerator Chips

Preferred Networks, a leading Japanese AI company, is set to partner with Samsung Electronics to develop cutting-edge AI accelerator chips by capitalizing on Samsung’s advanced foundry and packaging products. These new AI accelerators aim to address the increasing need for computing power fueled by generative AI technologies.

Since the initiation of mass production of the industry’s first 3nm process node utilizing Gate-All-Around (GAA) transistor architecture, Samsung has further solidified its GAA technology expertise by securing orders for the enhanced 2nm process, showcasing improved performance and power efficiency.

This collaboration with Preferred Networks signifies a significant achievement for Japanese enterprises in the realm of large-scale heterogeneous integrated package technologies, with Samsung planning to strengthen its position in the global advanced packaging market.

The turnkey solutions will encompass the 2.5D Advanced Package I-Cube S technology, a heterogeneous integration package approach featuring multiple chips within a single package to boost inter-connection speed and reduce package size. The silicon interposer (Si-interposer) plays a vital role in achieving ultra-fine redistribution layers (RDL) and enhancing power integrity for optimal semiconductor performance, with the chip design being handled by GAONCHIPS.

Junichiro Makino, VP and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Computing Architecture at Preferred Networks, expressed excitement about leading in AI accelerator technology through Samsung Electronics’ 2nm GAA process, emphasizing the substantial support it provides for developing highly energy-efficient, high-performance computing hardware to cater to the growing demands of generative AI technologies.

Taejoong Song, Corporate VP and the head of Foundry Business Development Team at Samsung Electronics, highlighted the significance of this order in validating Samsung’s 2nm GAA process technology and Advanced Package technology for next-generation AI accelerators, underscoring their commitment to ensuring customers realize the full potential of their products.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Preferred Networks specializes in developing advanced software and hardware technologies, covering the AI value chain from chips to supercomputers, and generative AI foundation models. The collaboration between Samsung and Preferred Networks is poised to introduce groundbreaking AI chiplet solutions tailored for the future data center and generative AI computing market.

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